About WS Group

WS Group (Wheelsure Holdings plc) is a technology-based business dedicated to successfully sourcing, patenting, developing and marketing unique safety technologies that satisfy global needs by:-

  • reducing fatalities and injuries through technological innovation
  • improving both operational and cost-effectiveness for customers

The company, formed in 2003, operates in the worldwide Rail and Commercial Vehicle markets under the brand names of Tracksure and Wheelsure respectively, with both brands winning innovation awards in recent years. It’s LD99 fastener technology is a perfect solution in a wide range of Industries where vibration loosening not only causes operational difficulties but can lead to downtime accidents.

In addition WS Group is currently looking at a other innovative safety technologies, primarily for the rail industry.

WS Group’s products can and will affect the lives of consumers, whether standing at a bus shelter in Dusseldorf, catching a train from London to Paris or cleaning the gutters of houses across the world.

Through innovative technologies, WS Group is passionate about making the world safer by eliminating accidents that can be avoided, and strongly believe this can be done whilst offering businesses greater efficiency.

Wheelsure Holdings plc is listed on the NEX Exchange market and full details are on our Investors pages

Registered Company Number 04757497
The WS Group,Tracksure & Wheelsure logo devices are trademarks of Wheelsure Holdings Limited.