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Name & Business

Wheelsure Holdings plc, incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 4757497 and is subject to the Companies Act 2006 of England and Wales, as amended or re-enacted.

Wheelsure Holdings plc is a holding company for a Group which develops and commercialises innovative products that meet safety needs throughout the world.

Share Price

Further information and the latest share price can be viewed here.

Wheelsure Holdings PLC listing code: WHLP

Past performance in the Wheelsure Holdings PLC share price cannot be relied on as a guide to future performance.

Details of any other exchanges or trading platforms

The Company is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

Details of any restrictions on the transfer of securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

Contact Details

Wheelsure Holdings Limited, 8 Woburn Street, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, UK, MK45 2HP, 01525 840557

Documents, Reports and Accounts

All regulatory announcements and circulars can be viewed or downloaded from the list alongside.

Our Annual and Interim accounts from 2010 up to and including Interim 2016 are available to view and download on the Accounts section of this site.

Professional Advisors

Corporate Advisor - Daniel Stewart & Company Plc, 33 Creechurch Lane, London, EC3A 5EB, 0207 776 6550

Registrars - Neville Registrars Limited, Neville House, 18 Laurel Lane, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 3DA

Auditors - Nexia Smith & Williamson Audit Limited,Imperial House,18-21 Kings Park Road, Southampton,SO15 2AT

Bankers - NatWest, City of London Office, 1 Princes Street, London, EC2R 8PA

Solicitors - Sherrards Solicitors LLP, 7 Swallow Place, London, W1B 2AG

Significant Shareholdings

Shareholder Ordinary Shares %ISC
Hargreaves Hale Nominees Ltd* 41,744,727 18.33%
Miton Asset Management Limited 35,300,000 15.50%
WB Nominees Ltd 25,740,157 11.30%
JM Finn Nominees Limited 14,863,065 6.53%


* including 35,363,245 shares representing 15.53 % of total issued share capital either owned or controlled by Adriana V Stirling, Alexandra L Stirling, Alastair G.P. Stirling and Ann C Stirling, who are family members and therefore are deemed connected persons

As at 16th March 2017

Percentage Of NEX Exchange Securities In Public Hands

Of the total issued share capital (227,705,726 ordinary shares of 1p each) the shares in public hands total is 99,474,689 shares or 43.7% of the issued share capital.

Details of share options outstanding

Enterprise Management Incentive Option Scheme

No of option Option Price Date of Grant Exercise Period
200,000 3.25p 26.01.12 26.01.2015 - 25.01.2019
8,000,000 1.625p 28.11.13 28.11.2016 - 27.11.2020

Unapproved share option scheme

No of option Option Price Date of Grant Exercise Period
2,000,000 2.25p 03.07.14 03.07.15 – 02.07.18
950,000 1.0p 19.11.15 19.11.15-18.11.20
3,517,133 1.0p 15.11.16 15.11.16-14.11.21

Total number of options outstanding amount to 14,667,133 which if exercised would represent 6.1% of the increased issued share capital (242,372,859 shares)

Registered Company Number 04757497
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