LD99 Locking Devices will prevent unintentional bolt-loosening in any safety critical, maintenance-intensive industrial application. The product is simply fitted as you will see in the videos that are found on our Youtube Channel


  • LD99 can be designed and developed for any bolted joint that is safety critical and/or maintenance intensive, from M12 upwards.
  • Lifetime maintenance costs will be significantly reduced with a very quick payback.
  • Maintenance will be simpler


The patented LD99 consists of:

  • A modified bolt with a reverse thread added. This accommodates both the original nut and the LD99 locking nut or stud
  • The reverse thread can be added externally (a) or internally (b) and always consists of a new modified bolt
  • A locking stud or nut is applied using the reverse thread until it tightens against the original nut
  • A serrated steel locking cap then pushes down over both the original nut and the locking nut or stud, thereby maintaining a secure fixing If the original nut should start to loosen (even microscopically) the locking nut or stud tightens against the original nut on the reverse thread with the locking cover combining both actions, ensuring a fail-safe bolt fixing.


Vibration nut loosening is a challenge known to engineers in many industries, from both an operational maintenance and safety perspective. Problems range from a minor inconvenience to a severe safety or operational difficulty, and in these latter cases the unique LD99 technology offers maximum benefits.

From the development and maintenance of wind turbines to off-shore cable management, the LD99 product range has a solution for you. The device can be specified as new and/or retro-fitted.

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