The Wheelsure Product

The Unique Wheelsure Locking Device prevents unintentional bolt-loosening; It is available for all Trucks and Buses and will make your fleet safer and enhance your maintenance programme.

It is fitted and maintained simply, as illustrated in this short fitting video.

The Benefits

· The Wheelsure product will maintain the clamp force achieved by torque procedure and is a fail-safe locking system. Allows the fleet operator to eliminate excessive torque maintenance regimes, freeing up workshop labour

· Simplifies the management of wheel maintenance for the operator and eliminates the opportunity for human error

· The device is additional to the manufacturer’s standard bolt and nut; it does not replace either, simply locking it in place maintaining maximum clamp force

Further details of the technical reasons that cause Wheel Loss can be found via the Consultancy page on this website

How it Works:

The Wheelsure locking device consists of;

· A modified bolt with a reverse thread added which accommodates both the original nut and the Wheelsure locking nut.

· The reverse thread can be added externally (a) or internally (b) and is always a new modified bolt.

· A locking stud or nut is applied using the reverse thread until it tightens against the original nut

· A serrated steel locking cap then pushes down over both the original nut and the Wheelsure nut or stud, thereby maintaining a secure fixing

If the original nut should start to loosen (even microscopically) the locking nut or stud tightens against the original nut on the reverse thread with the locking cover combining both actions, ensuring a fail-safe bolt fixing.

Where it Works:

The device comes in two sizes – M22 & M18 – that will fit the majority of wheel hub assemblies.

It can therefore be used on most Bus and Coach fleets as well as all trucks.


Wheelsure’s products have been adopted by many leading UK operators and have been extensively and independently tested, including by the leading Fraunhofer Institute.

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